An International Journal of Computing and Informatics

ISSN 0350-5596

Since 1977, Informatica has been a scientific journal of computing and informatic, including telecommunications, automation and other related areas. Althouth connected to Central Europe, in the last couple of years Informatica is becoming trully international (see also FTP: magazines/informatica anonymous your-mail, or WWW: URL:

Informatica is a journal concerned with scientific and educational as well as technical, commercial and industrial developments in the European computer science and informatics community. Its basic aim is to enhance communication among European and world-wide communities, organizations, etc. on the basis of equal rights and international refereeing.

Papers will be typically published in less than half a year after the final version in the correct form is received. Acceptance rate is around 50%.

Additional information:

Informatica publishes research papers which have been accepted by at least two referees outside the author's country. In addition, it contains information about conferences, opinions, critical examinations of existing publications and news. Finally, major practical achievements and innovations in the computer and information industry are presented through commercial publications as well as through independent evaluations.

Editing and refereeing are distributed. Each editor from the Editorial Board can conduct the refereeing process by appointing two referees. Referees should not be from the author's country. Appointed referees that are not Editors will appear on the last inside page. Each paper bears the name of the editor who appointed the referees. Each editor can propose new members for the Editorial Board. Editors inactive for a longer period can be automatically replaced. Changes in the Editorial Board are confirmed by the Executive Editors. mg