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The CERT Coordination Center FTP server was retired as a distribution source for CERT/CC publications on September 29, 2000. All documents that were distributed via are available from the CERT/CC web site (

The CERT/CC FTP server was used to distribute PGP signed versions of CERT/CC documents so visitors could verify a document's authenticity. To continue to provide a method of authenticating documents, the CERT/CC has deployed a secure web site ( Visitors who wish to verify the authenticity of documents retrieved from the CERT/CC may connect to the secure site and examine the site certificate. Visitors that require an additional level of trust may call the CERT/CC hotline (+1-412-268-7090) to verify the fingerprint of the site certificate with a member of the CERT/CC staff.

We will continue to distribute PGP signed text versions of advisories via the CERT Advisory mailing list. Please follow the link below for instuctions on how to subscribe.

The following is a list of the documents that were once posted on and the corresponding new locations of those documents.
The CERT/CC PGP key is available on the web. Please see
CERT Advisories are published on the web. Please see
CERT Vendor Bulletins are archived on the web. Please see
CERT/CC contact information can be found at
The CERT Coordination Center FAQ is on the web. Please see
CERT Sumamries are published on the web. Please see
The Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) can be found at
This site includes a list of teams and the constituencies they serve.
The CERT/CC incident reporting form can be found at
Copyright information and disclaimers can be found at
CERT Tech Tips are now published on the web only. Please see
Information about other sources for security tools can be found at
The CERT/CC vulnerability reporting form can be found at
This document has been superseded by "Finding Site Contacts"