GNU Libtool

For version 1.4.2, 10 September 2001

Gordon Matzigkeit
Alexandre Oliva
Thomas Tanner
Gary V. Vaughan


If you don't specify an rpath, then libtool builds a libtool convenience archive, not a shared library (see section Linking static libraries).


However, you should avoid using `-L' or `-l' flags to link against an uninstalled libtool library. Just specify the relative path to the `.la' file, such as `../intl/'. This is a design decision to eliminate any ambiguity when linking against uninstalled shared libraries.


Don't accidentally strip the libraries, though, or they will be unusable.


AC_PROG_LIBTOOL requires that you define the `Makefile' variable top_builddir in your `'. Automake does this automatically, but Autoconf users should set it to the relative path to the top of your build directory (`../..', for example).


GNU Image Manipulation Program, for those who haven't taken the plunge. See


We used to recommend __P, __BEGIN_DECLS and __END_DECLS. This was bad advice since symbols (even preprocessor macro names) that begin with an underscore are reserved for the use of the compiler.


HP-UX, to be different, uses a function named shl_load.




This is used for the host dependent module loading API -- shl_load and LoadLibrary for example


Even if libltdl is installed, `AC_LIBLTDL_INSTALLABLE' may fail to detect it, if libltdl depends on symbols provided by libraries other than the C library. In this case, it will needlessly build and install libltdl.


All code compiled for the PowerPC and RS/6000 chips (powerpc-*-*, powerpcle-*-*, and rs6000-*-*) is position-independent, regardless of the operating system or compiler suite. So, "regular objects" can be used to build shared libraries on these systems and no special PIC compiler flags are required.

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