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[file] 14dots.tar.gz243 KB  1999-12-2703:30:21 AM
[file] 16dots.tar.gz4647 KB  1999-12-2703:34:41 AM
[file] 18dots.tar.gz865 KB  1999-12-2703:35:43 AM
[file] 24dots.tar.gz5925 KB  1999-12-2703:40:56 AM
[file] 32dots.tar.gz621 KB  1999-12-2703:41:26 AM
[file] 40dots.tar.gz7753 KB  1999-12-2703:47:25 AM
[file] 48dots.tar.gz2107 KB  1999-12-2703:49:07 AM
[file] Asian.tar.gz189 KB  1999-12-2703:49:24 AM
[file] Chinese.BIG.tar.gz8154 KB  1999-12-2703:59:07 AM
[file] Chinese.X.tar.gz958 KB  1999-12-2704:00:02 AM
[file] Chinese.tar.gz6855 KB  1999-12-2704:09:50 AM
[file] Ethiopic.tar.gz38 KB  1999-12-2704:09:59 AM
[file] European.BIG.tar.gz25 KB  1999-12-2704:10:08 AM
[file] European.tar.gz132 KB  1999-12-2704:10:25 AM
[file] Japanese.BIG.tar.gz2302 KB  1999-12-2704:14:59 AM
[file] Japanese.X.tar.gz863 KB  1999-12-2704:16:22 AM
[file] Japanese.tar.gz1849 KB  1999-12-2704:19:06 AM
[file] Korean.X.tar.gz827 KB  1999-12-2704:20:47 AM
[file] Misc.tar.gz78 KB  1999-12-2704:21:02 AM
[file] README.split3 KB  1999-12-2704:21:09 AM
[file] TrueType.tar.gz539 KB  1999-12-2704:22:00 AM
[file] Type1.tar.gz1869 KB  1999-12-2704:24:39 AM
[file] ls-l2 KB  2002-10-0207:34:25 AM
[file] ls-l.asc2 KB  2002-10-0207:34:25 AM
[file] md5sum2 KB  2002-10-0207:34:29 AM
[file] md5sum.asc2 KB  2002-10-0207:34:29 AM
[file] sha1sum2 KB  2002-10-0207:34:30 AM
[file] sha1sum.asc2 KB  2002-10-0207:34:30 AM