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[file] em211_b1.zip1936 KB  2001-11-0501:39:35 PM
[file] em211_b2.zip1924 KB  2001-11-0501:39:36 PM
[file] em211_b3.zip1946 KB  2001-11-0501:39:36 PM
[file] em211_b4.zip1953 KB  2001-11-0501:39:36 PM
[file] em211_b5.zip1950 KB  2001-11-0501:39:36 PM
[file] em211_b6.zip1946 KB  2001-11-0501:39:37 PM
[file] em211_b7.zip980 KB  2001-11-0501:39:37 PM
[file] em211_l1.zip1365 KB  2001-11-0501:39:37 PM
[file] em211_l2.zip1367 KB  2001-11-0501:39:37 PM
[file] em211_l3.zip1364 KB  2001-11-0501:39:38 PM
[file] em211_l4.zip1360 KB  2001-11-0501:39:38 PM
[file] em211_l5.zip1359 KB  2001-11-0501:39:38 PM
[file] em211_l6.zip743 KB  2001-11-0501:39:38 PM
[file] emacs-21.1-barebin-i386.tar.gz2797 KB  2001-11-0501:39:39 PM
[file] emacs-21.1-bin-i386.tar.gz11919 KB  2001-11-0501:39:42 PM
[file] emacs-21.1-fullbin-i386.tar.gz17093 KB  2001-11-0501:39:45 PM
[file] emacs-21.1-leim.tar.gz3957 KB  2001-11-0501:39:46 PM
[file] emacs-21.1-lisp.tar.gz6929 KB  2001-11-0501:39:47 PM
[file] emacs-21.1-src.tar.gz19846 KB  2001-10-2005:20:22 PM
[file] emacs-21.1-undumped-i386.tar.gz777 KB  2001-11-0501:39:48 PM
[file] leim-21.1-src.tar.gz3214 KB  2001-10-2005:23:31 PM
[file] md5sums2 KB  2001-11-0501:51:06 PM
[link] utilities -> ../utilities/1 KB  2003-03-2205:58:00 PM