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News about Addressbook?

Addressbook 0.7 has been released the 02.11.1997. In this version I merged contributions I received from users like support for more languages.

What is Addressbook?

Addressbook is a program to manage your addresses, phone numbers, e-mailaddresses and everything which is now written in your rolodex. Addressbook is copyrighted by Clemens Durka, but available under the GNU GPL.

Where can I get the program?

For the latest release, you can always check my WWW page:

The last public release is available at the following sites:[version].tar.gz[version].tar.gz[version].tar.gz

How do I install and use Addressbook?

  • INSTALL Here is the installation instruction.
  • MANUAL Here is the manual.
  • SCREENSHOT Here is a screenshot.

    What are the features of Addressbook?

    Some features are:

  • Graphical User Interface
  • Multi language support (now english, german, french, dutch, swedish, finnish)
  • All the addresses are displayed in a listbox
  • The actual address can be edited in a form
  • Configurable fields contents
  • fast search by typing the first letters of a name
  • search configurable for regular expression, matching or exact
  • External programs can be called with contents of some fields (so you can dial a phonenumber by pressing a button)
  • Standalone perl program for fast search without GUI

    Future features:

  • More ways and better printing
  • Export and import from databases
  • Add more languages (if some volunteer translates)

    What is needed to run Addressbook?

    Addressbook is based on Tcl/Tk, so you need a machine where Tcl/Tk is running. For most Unix like machines, Tcl/Tk is available. This program should run under any version from tcl7.3/tk3.6 to the actual version (tcl7.6 / tk4.2).

    This program is tested under:

  • Linux 1.2.13 (i586) Tcl7.3/Tk3.6 from Slackware 2.3
  • Linux 1.2.13 (i586) Tcl7.4/Tk4.0 from Slackware 3.0
  • Linux 2.0.29 (i586) Tcl7.6/Tk4.2 from Debian 1.3
  • HPUX 9.0x (HP 7xx)

    It is reported to work as well under:

  • HPUX 10.x (HP 7xx)
  • SunOS 4.x.x (Sun Sparc)
  • Solaris 2.4 (Sun Sparc)
  • OSF/1 3.0 (DEC Alpha)
  • AIX 3.2 (IBM Power Risc)
  • Irix 5.3 (SGI)

    Who else contributed to this package?

    Thanks to LEA (Lehrstuhl fuer Effiziente Algorithmen) of the Technical University of Munich and especially to Prof. Dr. E. Mayr. During a job, I do for them, I wrote this program.

    Thanks a lot to all the people who sended bug reports or made suggestions. Thanks especially to Andre Koster ( for the translation to dutch and to Stephen Mueller ( for testing and finding bugs. Thanks to Martin Paul ( for contributing the mktable program for better printing. Thanks to all the translators for finnish (Jarmo Karvonen), swedish (Peter Antman) and italian (Andrea Borgia).

    Anything else?

    Questions, comments, suggestions, complaints, assistance:, subject should begin with "addressbook".

    Clemens Durka, 02.11.1997